Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Various Cleaning Practices For Maintenance Lab Equipment

Keeping the lab equipment clean and sanitized is an essential task that must be performed in order to keep the operations of research lab smooth and efficient. For the safety of the environment and protecting the lab equipment from getting contaminated after the usage in lab experiments.

Variety of tools and techniques are used to clean these equipments. And the proper sanitization ought to be done in a careful manner lest the harsh chemicals still contained in the lab supply could harm the users. The lab equipments are put in use for different chemicals, flammable materials, acids, bases, reagents, etc. so caring for them is a an important act. 
The most commonly used materials for cleaning up are paper towels, and gloves along with distilled water. To ensure the precise results, the lab apparatus should be cleaned and made free from grease and chemicals that are left residue on the glassware. Use distilled water to see if the water wets the surface smoothly.

If there are dry spots being left, then those areas need to be cleaned so that the next time they are being used in experiments, they do not contaminate the materials used for the reaction. And if there is any glass apparatus that has been cracked or chipped, then dispose them immediately as they could cause injury or failure in the experiments.

Always wash the glass apparatus thoroughly after use. Otherwise the residues of the experiment can be difficult to clean at the later stage. The new glassware is slightly on the basic side so it should be washed with water and put in a solution containing 1% acid such as hydrochloric acid or nitric oxide and rinse it later with water.

But it is precautionary to never soak the labware for very long or else the solution can ruin the glass. And to clean the residue that is attached on the labware, always use brush with soft bristles with a wooden or plastic handle so that glass is prevented from abrasion by extreme friction. Make sure to buy quality lab equipment from a reliable supplier in NYC region.

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