Monday, December 7, 2015

Tips For Choosing The Right Human Skeleton Model

The human skeleton system also known as the internal skeleton serves as a framework for the body. It is one of the most difficult body models to study and observe. The full size human skeleton model or the diagrams serve as an efficient teaching tool for students as well as patients. These models are very beneficial for the students as students of all ages can learn easily about the human body and parts through these models. 

These models are available in different shapes, sizes, styles, colors and materials. The human skeleton models are available as both full sized and half-sized skeleton models. Therefore, before buying any model, make sure to choose the one that meets your requirement and fits your budget.
While selecting the type of model, determine the criteria that you require while making your selection. Here are the six main categories that will help you identify the right human skeleton model for you.
  • Basic specification- Keep a record of all the basic specifications, which include display stand, height, assembly, gender, material, and numbered parts. This way it will be easier to teach the students about different parts of the body.
  • The details of the skeleton- While selecting the model make sure to consider the different important details of the skeleton which may include marked nerve branches, realistic texture, herniated or prolapsed disk in spine, imitation tendons/ligaments, vertebral artery marked, muscle origins or insertions marked.
  • Flexible parts- The model should include different flexible parts such as arms, jaw, legs, spine, fingers, joints etc.
  • Removable parts- Apart from different flexible parts, it should also include removable parts such as legs, teeth, arms, calvarium (skull cap), hands, feet, etc.
  • Education material- It should further consist of different education material including bone guide, general information about the model, and detailed information.
  • Intended uses- These models are basically used in primary schools, secondary schools, hospitals, or doctor’s office.
From the criteria mentioned above you must have got a little idea about how to buy the right skeleton model. You can choose from wide range of models available depending upon your requirement and budget.

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