Friday, October 23, 2015

How To Choose The Right Company When Purchasing Medical Lab Supplies?

It does not matter whether you are have a laboratory, hospital or educational institute, you would need a variety of laboratory equipment and supplies to make your job easier, accurate, and effective. You may need equipment and supplies such as tube rocker, cell density meters, animal skeletons, general supplies, laboratory disposables, dental teaching equipment, hydrometers, etc. depending on the nature of work or operation you are engaged in.

However, when selecting a firm to purchase the required lab supplies in NYC, it is crucial to consider the following aspects to ensure the correct selection, as wrong selection can cost both in terms of money and no or low quality work.

1. Extensive Inventory- Check if the company has adequate selection of different laboratory equipment whether it is centrifuges, incubators, hybridization oven or any laboratory disposables or glassware.  You also need to consider your present and future needs before placing any order.

2. Branded Equipment- In order to make sure that the company you choose is providing you quality and durable products, you need to find whether the lab equipment offered are branded or not. Thus, go through the website thoroughly or make a call to confirm all the details.

3. Cost of the Items- It is essential for you to compare the prices of equipment and other supplies among different companies in order to find services that can offer the most competitive prices. However, do not make any compromises on the quality for the sake of low prices.

4. Post-Purchase Service- You would surely want to rely on a firm that doesn’t just provide assistance while purchase, but also provides efficient maintenance and repair services to reduce downtime. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be certain about their post-sale services.

5. Reputation- A reliable company will always have strong presence in the market, which is why it is important for you to check the reputation of the company in the market. You can do an online reputation check to find if there is any negative feedback about the company.

6. Shipment and Payment- You should not make the final call before knowing their shipment and payment policies. Hence, do make sure that the company provides safe payment options and has quick shipping policy, so that there will be no loss of work or operations.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Different Anatomy Models That Speak More Than A Picture Does

As the saying goes, ‘a picture speaks thousand words’, then what does anatomy models do?

If picture worth thousands then isn’t model worth millions?

Answer to this is yes. It is the best teaching process, which is commonly used in various medical colleges and universities. It provides better understanding, learning, and visualizing of the human, animal or plant parts, instead of studying from textbook. Thus, realistic knowledge can be provided by this source.

Various anatomical models commonly used for teaching are-

Skeletal model system
To understand human body, skeletal model system is used. This model very well describes bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons of the body. A deeper understanding of the bones, how they are attached  and other related aspects is possible via it.

DNA model
This model is used to understand the structure of genes. With the help of this model, students can quickly gain an idea how genes in the body functions.

Respiratory system
This model is used for understanding the functioning of lungs. This model can easily understand the internal structure of lungs like larynx, vocal cords, and other components. With the help of this model, breathing functioning that is inhaling and exhaling of air can easily understood through this model.

Digestive model system

This model is used to understand how the food is dissolved in the stomach. The model describes the food dissolving process right from the scratch when food is taken in mouth, into the stomach by esophagus, into small intestine and large intestine, and ending with the rectum.

In addition to this, functioning of other body organs such as liver is also made understood by this model.

Cardiovascular model system

Cardiovascular model is used to understand how human body system functions. It helps explains how oxygen is used throughout the body and used for functioning of parts.

The functioning of heart, process of blood circulation throughout the body and use of oxygen, use of veins and arteries can be seen through the cardiovascular system.

From the above provided information, you must have got an idea about each model. If you are running a school, college or a training institute, then you must have laboratory products like DNA models in NY, respiratory model, and more.

However, before buying any of the model, make sure you have contacted the right provider in your city. Before placing your order, make sure the supplier is renowned, experienced and provide timely delivery of anatomy models.