Friday, September 18, 2015

Which Skeleton Model Is Right For You?

If you need to buy a new skeleton, or require replacing an old skeleton model, you must be first aware of its different type. Buying skeleton can be a daunting choice. This article will help provide you guidance regarding wide variety of skeletons available.
Following are the types of full size skeleton model-
Pelvic Mounted Skeletons
The first full size type of skeleton is pelvic mounted. This skeleton is supported with a metal rod. The pelvis of the skeleton and upper half of the skeleton is supported with the spinal column. These models are preferred the most because these come with roller stand and can easy roll around a room. As compared to other models, these are less prone to damage.
Hanging Skeletons
This is second type of skeleton anatomy model. It is a hanging mount model, which is hanged from the top of head and its loosely swing. These too come with roller stand that allows you to move the model all around the room.
Such hanging models are to be taken care because moving hanging skeletons are prone to damages. This is why it is suggested to move the model with two hands and keep a support with the stand.
Hanging skeletons are more widely used as compared to pelvic mounted skeletons. This is because these can easily be removed from stand and placed on any position. It also helps make study and demonstration easy.
Another benefit of these models is these are taller than pelvic mounted model because of the stand that is used to hold hanging models firmly.
Disarticulated Skeletons
Third skeleton model, which is widely popular, is disarticulated skeleton. This model is available in either half or full human body. Detailed analysis or study can be done through this model as bones in human body are clearly defined in this model. This is the reason why for forensic or physiotherapy study this model is used.
This model does not take much room as compared to hanging or pelvic mounted models. These are easy to carry because it can be dislocated and stored in sturdy cardboard box.
Skeleton models are also available with additional features such as muscle insertion, and ligaments insertion.
From the aforementioned three types of skeletons, you must have got an idea about each. Reading all the three types, you must have made your mind about which skeleton model to choose.

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