Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Check out the profuse usage of disposable lab products

In a laboratory, you may find numerous disposable laboratory products that help the researchers to perform the experiments in an easy way. Some of the disposable products include hand gloves, blades, lancets, plastic beakers, microbial slides, pipettes, dropper bottles, plastic products and many others that used once are thrown away.

However, all the above-mentioned disposables are used in the laboratories but disposables pipettes are widely used in the laboratories by the researchers.
The disposable pipettes also known as Beral pipettes are commonly used as a lab instrument in any laboratory. The pipettes disposables carry numerous benefits that are used more over glass and rubber material.
Disposable transfer pipettes are used in many areas of applications. They are very economical and due to this reason, many organizations like universities, crime labs, medical and forensic labs use them widely as they can be thrown after one use. Other than its usage in research work, these disposals are used in packing essential oils, food accessories as well as in decorations.
Some of usages of disposable pipettes are discussed in detail below-
Universities- these disposables are used in university labs. These plastic products give the privilege to the students to use the chemicals with ease. In a more precise way, plastic disposable pipettes protect the students when they are using them for the first time.
  • They cannot be broken easily as other glass pipette can
  • Because these pipettes cannot be reused again, so there are no chances of chemicals reacting if in case the left out chemicals are mixed with the new ones because it has not been washed properly.
Forensic Labs- forensic labs are meant to bring out accurate results. In order to bring the accused behind the bars, lab technician has to work more precisely on small portion of evidence like blood samples. Sometimes, the results may fail because there is high risk of cross contamination that may not bring in the accurate results. To avoid this situation, disposable blood bank pipettes are used so that there is no point in missing the accurate results that can be accidentally lost due to breakage of other glass materials used. Since disposable pipettes made from low-density polyethylene they cannot be broken virtually.
Medical Labs-
Disposable transfer pipettes are commonly used in medical laboratories. Accuracy also matters here. Just like forensic labs, results matters here also because each drop of the sample has to be tested repeatedly to determine the accurate results.