Monday, December 7, 2015

Tips For Choosing The Right Human Skeleton Model

The human skeleton system also known as the internal skeleton serves as a framework for the body. It is one of the most difficult body models to study and observe. The full size human skeleton model or the diagrams serve as an efficient teaching tool for students as well as patients. These models are very beneficial for the students as students of all ages can learn easily about the human body and parts through these models. 

These models are available in different shapes, sizes, styles, colors and materials. The human skeleton models are available as both full sized and half-sized skeleton models. Therefore, before buying any model, make sure to choose the one that meets your requirement and fits your budget.
While selecting the type of model, determine the criteria that you require while making your selection. Here are the six main categories that will help you identify the right human skeleton model for you.
  • Basic specification- Keep a record of all the basic specifications, which include display stand, height, assembly, gender, material, and numbered parts. This way it will be easier to teach the students about different parts of the body.
  • The details of the skeleton- While selecting the model make sure to consider the different important details of the skeleton which may include marked nerve branches, realistic texture, herniated or prolapsed disk in spine, imitation tendons/ligaments, vertebral artery marked, muscle origins or insertions marked.
  • Flexible parts- The model should include different flexible parts such as arms, jaw, legs, spine, fingers, joints etc.
  • Removable parts- Apart from different flexible parts, it should also include removable parts such as legs, teeth, arms, calvarium (skull cap), hands, feet, etc.
  • Education material- It should further consist of different education material including bone guide, general information about the model, and detailed information.
  • Intended uses- These models are basically used in primary schools, secondary schools, hospitals, or doctor’s office.
From the criteria mentioned above you must have got a little idea about how to buy the right skeleton model. You can choose from wide range of models available depending upon your requirement and budget.

Friday, October 23, 2015

How To Choose The Right Company When Purchasing Medical Lab Supplies?

It does not matter whether you are have a laboratory, hospital or educational institute, you would need a variety of laboratory equipment and supplies to make your job easier, accurate, and effective. You may need equipment and supplies such as tube rocker, cell density meters, animal skeletons, general supplies, laboratory disposables, dental teaching equipment, hydrometers, etc. depending on the nature of work or operation you are engaged in.

However, when selecting a firm to purchase the required lab supplies in NYC, it is crucial to consider the following aspects to ensure the correct selection, as wrong selection can cost both in terms of money and no or low quality work.

1. Extensive Inventory- Check if the company has adequate selection of different laboratory equipment whether it is centrifuges, incubators, hybridization oven or any laboratory disposables or glassware.  You also need to consider your present and future needs before placing any order.

2. Branded Equipment- In order to make sure that the company you choose is providing you quality and durable products, you need to find whether the lab equipment offered are branded or not. Thus, go through the website thoroughly or make a call to confirm all the details.

3. Cost of the Items- It is essential for you to compare the prices of equipment and other supplies among different companies in order to find services that can offer the most competitive prices. However, do not make any compromises on the quality for the sake of low prices.

4. Post-Purchase Service- You would surely want to rely on a firm that doesn’t just provide assistance while purchase, but also provides efficient maintenance and repair services to reduce downtime. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be certain about their post-sale services.

5. Reputation- A reliable company will always have strong presence in the market, which is why it is important for you to check the reputation of the company in the market. You can do an online reputation check to find if there is any negative feedback about the company.

6. Shipment and Payment- You should not make the final call before knowing their shipment and payment policies. Hence, do make sure that the company provides safe payment options and has quick shipping policy, so that there will be no loss of work or operations.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Different Anatomy Models That Speak More Than A Picture Does

As the saying goes, ‘a picture speaks thousand words’, then what does anatomy models do?

If picture worth thousands then isn’t model worth millions?

Answer to this is yes. It is the best teaching process, which is commonly used in various medical colleges and universities. It provides better understanding, learning, and visualizing of the human, animal or plant parts, instead of studying from textbook. Thus, realistic knowledge can be provided by this source.

Various anatomical models commonly used for teaching are-

Skeletal model system
To understand human body, skeletal model system is used. This model very well describes bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons of the body. A deeper understanding of the bones, how they are attached  and other related aspects is possible via it.

DNA model
This model is used to understand the structure of genes. With the help of this model, students can quickly gain an idea how genes in the body functions.

Respiratory system
This model is used for understanding the functioning of lungs. This model can easily understand the internal structure of lungs like larynx, vocal cords, and other components. With the help of this model, breathing functioning that is inhaling and exhaling of air can easily understood through this model.

Digestive model system

This model is used to understand how the food is dissolved in the stomach. The model describes the food dissolving process right from the scratch when food is taken in mouth, into the stomach by esophagus, into small intestine and large intestine, and ending with the rectum.

In addition to this, functioning of other body organs such as liver is also made understood by this model.

Cardiovascular model system

Cardiovascular model is used to understand how human body system functions. It helps explains how oxygen is used throughout the body and used for functioning of parts.

The functioning of heart, process of blood circulation throughout the body and use of oxygen, use of veins and arteries can be seen through the cardiovascular system.

From the above provided information, you must have got an idea about each model. If you are running a school, college or a training institute, then you must have laboratory products like DNA models in NY, respiratory model, and more.

However, before buying any of the model, make sure you have contacted the right provider in your city. Before placing your order, make sure the supplier is renowned, experienced and provide timely delivery of anatomy models.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Which Skeleton Model Is Right For You?

If you need to buy a new skeleton, or require replacing an old skeleton model, you must be first aware of its different type. Buying skeleton can be a daunting choice. This article will help provide you guidance regarding wide variety of skeletons available.
Following are the types of full size skeleton model-
Pelvic Mounted Skeletons
The first full size type of skeleton is pelvic mounted. This skeleton is supported with a metal rod. The pelvis of the skeleton and upper half of the skeleton is supported with the spinal column. These models are preferred the most because these come with roller stand and can easy roll around a room. As compared to other models, these are less prone to damage.
Hanging Skeletons
This is second type of skeleton anatomy model. It is a hanging mount model, which is hanged from the top of head and its loosely swing. These too come with roller stand that allows you to move the model all around the room.
Such hanging models are to be taken care because moving hanging skeletons are prone to damages. This is why it is suggested to move the model with two hands and keep a support with the stand.
Hanging skeletons are more widely used as compared to pelvic mounted skeletons. This is because these can easily be removed from stand and placed on any position. It also helps make study and demonstration easy.
Another benefit of these models is these are taller than pelvic mounted model because of the stand that is used to hold hanging models firmly.
Disarticulated Skeletons
Third skeleton model, which is widely popular, is disarticulated skeleton. This model is available in either half or full human body. Detailed analysis or study can be done through this model as bones in human body are clearly defined in this model. This is the reason why for forensic or physiotherapy study this model is used.
This model does not take much room as compared to hanging or pelvic mounted models. These are easy to carry because it can be dislocated and stored in sturdy cardboard box.
Skeleton models are also available with additional features such as muscle insertion, and ligaments insertion.
From the aforementioned three types of skeletons, you must have got an idea about each. Reading all the three types, you must have made your mind about which skeleton model to choose.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Important Points That Can Help In Selection Of Lab Component Supplier

The need of a trusted laboratory component supplier is immense in a laboratory. The suppliers are the ones with whose contribution experiments would become successful. There is huge requirement of high quality laboratory components, which allow successful completion of experiments. Suppliers are the ones, who can provide quality material to laboratories.
It is important to choose suppliers wisely. Choosing an appropriate supplier would be helpful in the long run. The selection of suppliers should be done only after checking of all the grounds. The suppliers are the ones, on whom there is dependability of providing high quality and original lab products.
The suppliers need to quote their quotations in such a manner that laboratory owners are not able to say no. The deliverance of consignments on time, high quality and warranty are some of the few aspects, which need to be considered while opting for a supplier.
Following is the list of points, which can help laboratory technicians to choose an authentic laboratory component supplier –
Delivery in Time Bound Manner – There are laboratory components, which require suitable atmospheric pressure conditions. The supply of such components needs to be done at the earliest possible. The manufacturers of these products need to pass these products to suppliers. It is the prime responsibility of suppliers to supply products to laboratories as soon as it can be. The time bound approach and discipline exists in logistics of lab tools.
Experience Do matters – Experience in components supply is a mandatory step, which needs to be checked at the initial stage. The researchers should check credibility and experience of suppliers at first go. It would provide a trust at the back of the mind of researchers that supplier is authentic. The years of experience in such field would always work in favor of suppliers.
Quality Deliverance – There is no compromise on quality. The suppliers ensure that best of the products reach labs. The parameter of quality can be checked from various sources. The past customers can provide a proper feedback. Quality is intangible and lab Supply Company maintains high quality standards. They set a parameter of their own, which they need to fulfill. The scientists are able to receive high quality material from the suppliers.
Warranty Aspect – The warranty is an important aspect before finagling a supplier. In case of faulty material or delay in delivery, warranty can be taken. The suppliers offering warrantee services, only needs to be accepted as partner.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

How anatomical models work as a helping hand for medical practitioners?

You can find different types of anatomical models at various places like school labs, doctor’s clinic, hospitals, medical labs and many other places. This model works as a great asset for the professionals working at these places. Not only this, anatomical models are of great use to the students, as the models work as a helping hand for the students when they have to learn or get familiar with human models.

One can learn numerous things in anatomical models as these models consists of foot structure, urinary tract, human skull, hands, heart etc. the students get to learn from these models and works as a first line of approach to them. On other hand, medical interns during their training take help of these models to identify as well as to diagnose various diseases and their related abnormalities. As these models allow grasping detail of human anatomical models in detail, so this helps the medical students to implement their practice on cadavers and after that, finally they switch over to human beings.
Other than medical students, these anatomical models are widely used by the physicians who are into practice as well as the specialists who use these models to educate patients.
Usually, when the patient visit the doctor, the doctor make use of these anatomical models as visual assistance in order to demonstrate the location and nature of the defect to the patients. However, the process is carried out either surgically or through therapies.
The doctors adopt these ways so that the patient education goes a long way and they are able to gain their confidence during any surgical operations that is to be performed on them.
In addition, the patients stay not only relaxed but also before their surgery, they try to corporate completely with the doctor.
However, if we talk about anatomical charts, then they are tremendous aids for study. We all know that facts sometimes do not approach our minds unless we get to see some real time images.
Therefore, if anyone of you is studying any branch of science including anatomy, displayed human chart is one of the best study materials that you can possibly buy.Other advantage of these charts is that it is very cost effective. They are great for buying it for kids.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Check out the profuse usage of disposable lab products

In a laboratory, you may find numerous disposable laboratory products that help the researchers to perform the experiments in an easy way. Some of the disposable products include hand gloves, blades, lancets, plastic beakers, microbial slides, pipettes, dropper bottles, plastic products and many others that used once are thrown away.

However, all the above-mentioned disposables are used in the laboratories but disposables pipettes are widely used in the laboratories by the researchers.
The disposable pipettes also known as Beral pipettes are commonly used as a lab instrument in any laboratory. The pipettes disposables carry numerous benefits that are used more over glass and rubber material.
Disposable transfer pipettes are used in many areas of applications. They are very economical and due to this reason, many organizations like universities, crime labs, medical and forensic labs use them widely as they can be thrown after one use. Other than its usage in research work, these disposals are used in packing essential oils, food accessories as well as in decorations.
Some of usages of disposable pipettes are discussed in detail below-
Universities- these disposables are used in university labs. These plastic products give the privilege to the students to use the chemicals with ease. In a more precise way, plastic disposable pipettes protect the students when they are using them for the first time.
  • They cannot be broken easily as other glass pipette can
  • Because these pipettes cannot be reused again, so there are no chances of chemicals reacting if in case the left out chemicals are mixed with the new ones because it has not been washed properly.
Forensic Labs- forensic labs are meant to bring out accurate results. In order to bring the accused behind the bars, lab technician has to work more precisely on small portion of evidence like blood samples. Sometimes, the results may fail because there is high risk of cross contamination that may not bring in the accurate results. To avoid this situation, disposable blood bank pipettes are used so that there is no point in missing the accurate results that can be accidentally lost due to breakage of other glass materials used. Since disposable pipettes made from low-density polyethylene they cannot be broken virtually.
Medical Labs-
Disposable transfer pipettes are commonly used in medical laboratories. Accuracy also matters here. Just like forensic labs, results matters here also because each drop of the sample has to be tested repeatedly to determine the accurate results.