Saturday, April 12, 2014

Use and throw gloves, the best safety measure against contamination!

Science labs and medical units where experiments are conducted are some of the most infection prone areas. Since these places are full of bacteria, dusts, pollutants, and harmful elements the odds of people falling sick who conduct scientific and medical experiments are very high.

Let us take school labs for examples. Many times teachers and students have to perform tests that involve pathogen borne and sensitive materials. Therefore, safety is essential. If any harmful chemical or infectious material comes in human contact, it can negatively affect human health.

This is the reason; safety is the biggest priority in places where people are more exposed to unhealthy environment. A variety of lab disposables is used in these settings to ensure disinfection. Disposable gloves are one of the must have lab supplies to ensure safety of student as well as teachers.

As the name suggests disposable gloves are only for one time usage, which can be, discarded post its usage. They are excellent to avoid skin from coming in contact with pathogens and harmful bacteria during biology experiment that may involve dealing with animals like frogs, mice and other species.

Medical industry is the one where infection is a serious problem. To reduce the rate of illnesses caused by contamination healthcare centers are beginning to use disposable medical products and disposable gloves are one of them. The fact that they are for only one time usage ensure one hundred percent protection from contamination which may pose many health troubles.

In health care industry, medical staff is exposed to disease-causing viruses while performing certain tests on patients and handling lab supplies. Wearing gloves during tests and result handling toxic chemicals will not result in infection.
Before throwaway equipment such as gloves came into usage, hospitals and sciences labs used to rely on the conventional method of sterilizing lab equipment using autoclaves. Autoclaves use intense pressure and heat to sterilize items. However, the process turned out to be ineffective and failed to promise complete safety.

With the introduction of throwaway lab supplies like gloves, the practice of sterilization using autoclave went out of the picture. The use and throw scalpels, surgical gloves, facemasks, syringes, and catheters are used primarily because it reduces the chances of contamination to the lowest.   These supplies should be used in every industry where employees are exposed to health risks arising out of deadly infections.