Monday, March 31, 2014

Complete sterilization with autoclave

High quality autoclave is a recent addition to modern laboratories. These systems are an integral part of the medical field. Autoclaves generate high temperature steam to heat liquids above their boiling point so that medical or lab equipment can be sterilized properly.

Although, this lab gear has various application areas, they are most commonly used in medical or research facilities to clean equipment. Let’s understand why medical or lab tools need to be sterilized.

Most surfaces we come across in our daily life contain different types of bacteria and germs. These microorganisms are more likely to develop illness and infections. Sterilization is a process in which all types of life-threatening microorganisms like fungi, spore forms, bacteria, etc. are removed. This way sterilization helps reduce the risk of infections.

The process of sterilization is carried out by applying heat, high pressure, irradiation (in which ionized radiations are produced to clean objects), chemicals, or a combination of all these. The heat or high pressure needed to perform sterilization is generated by using advanced technology equipment, called laboratory autoclave.

Traditionally, cleaning of medical instruments was carried out by immersing them in boiling water. Some infectious bacteria or germs can survive in this process. It requires a high degree of temperature to kill those microorganisms. Autoclaves are perfect for this purpose.

This lab tool comes in various styles. The simplest form of these sterilization systems look like a pressure cooker. It is featured with a big pot with gauge on the top. The top is fixed to the pot with the help of blots. Pot contains water and heats it above its boiling point.

Another type of system is similar in size and external shape to a microwave oven. These systems are highly popular among doctors that they used to clean small batches of medical tools. These systems are featured with wheels so that that can be easily moved to where it is needed.

In large medical facilities like hospitals, big autoclaves are used. Due to their large size they can sterilize large batches of surgical tools in one cycle. The cleaning systems used in hospitals are one-touch instruments. This is because an operator has to put equipment (that needs to be cleaned) in the machine and to press the start button to begin cleaning process. The machine will carry out the rest of the operation automatically. This way, autoclaves helps to minimize the possibilities of infections.

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